We’re available during the crisis!

We’re available during the crisis!

All the necessary electrical work has now been completed at Lion Garage, plus we’re fully decorated and carpeted thanks to our fantastic staff both paid and voluntary.

The lift is fully operational so our Ace Mechanic Alan can service and do any necessary repairs on our vehicles. We have running water, both hot and cold, so much better than at the Cilmery site, so it’s all systems are go!

Covid-19 Hasn’t Stopped Everything

We are still working to Covid-19 guidelines, so some of us are still working from home; however our telephone line and email is fully operational. Just a reminder that our new email address is office@lwct.org.uk and our new website is now operational, at lwct.org.uk. I’m sure you will agree that these are much easier to remember than the old email and website addresses. The new website is packed full of information, with a focus on our new management structure and the services we now provide, you can also view our monthly newsletters and other information and updates as they become available. This has all been done courtesy of our new Company Director and Webmaster, David Harrison, yet another of our fantastic volunteers.

Some Service Interruptions

Our Shoppa Shuttle buses and the LWCT Heart of Wales Coffee Clubs are still on hold and unlikely to resume before 2021. We are however extremely sorry about this as we know that there are many people who really need to meet up regularly for a cuppa and a chat, but hope you can all understand this is the safest action in the circumstances, and would remind you that if you think we can help you in any way, even if only for someone to talk to, we are very happy for you to make contact with us.

I stress that the LWCT Heart of Wales Coffee Club IS NOT CLOSED, but is on hold due to government restrictions, neither is it relocating to the Zion Chapel. It is our intention to reopen the coffee club, once we get the go ahead from the government, at the station building, which we have spent a great deal of money renovating.

Our Drivers Are Still Driving

We are still able to collect and deliver prescriptions, shopping and pre-ordered take away food, courtesy of our wonderful volunteer drivers, and are also still taking people to medical appointments, either locally or further afield like Hereford, Cardiff and other places (don’t forget that we do have a wheelchair friendly vehicle for if you’re unable to get into a car). At present, we are able to provide some of our transport services free of charge.

New Shopping Bus Service

Now for some exciting news. We are very pleased to say we have now received a grant of £5,000 from the ‘Social Value Development – Moving Forward Fund’ to provide a shopping bus, which will mean we can shop for several people at once.

The idea will be that members will phone or email their order to us; we then pick the goods and deliver them to you. This means we can do several people’s shopping in one run, so it should be cheaper than our shoppa shuttle buses are. We have already approached Tesco and the Co-op, and intend to contact Aldi and more local shops too. The service will be primarily for the elderly and infirm, self-isolating, people on the government’s list of high risk conditions, however we will help as many people and age groups as possible.

To use the new Shopping Bus Service people will need to be registered with us, so if you or someone you know might be interested in being included, please let us know, and we will send out an application form with a pre-paid return envelope.

Safe Working and Support

We have purchased a Fogging Machine, which is a machine you put in the vehicles and it emits a sanitizer which kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, etc. It works within about 15 minutes, thereby making our vehicles safer for drivers and passengers alike.

We are here to support every one of you if you think there is absolutely anyway we can help during this difficult time, this includes all age groups, businesses and the self-employed. Sincere thanks to all our lovely volunteers and supporters, we can and will get through this together.

If you would like to use the services of our volunteer drivers, or think we can help in any way, please contact us or call on 01982 55272.

New Logo

Did you notice our new logo? If not, here it is, and we say a great big Thank You to Joanne Oddie for painting this lovely logo for us at extremely short notice. Jo took time off from doing her own commissions to help us out, and we are very grateful to her for her time and talents. Thank you, Jo.

Llanwrtyd Wells Community Transport Logo

I would also like to offer a great big Thank You to Ian Nicholson for digitizing our new logo. This means that we can now use the logo on the side of our vehicles, advertisement boards and even on the window of our new head office at Lion Garage. Thank you, Ian, we so much appreciate your input.

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