New website launch announcement

New website launch announcement

We are pleased to present to you our redesigned LWCT website! Earlier in the year we decided we wanted to give our website a whole new redesign, and now we are happy to present to you the finished product. Here’s why we went about redesigning our website…

A website is never really finished and our new website will continue to develop, we have plans for new features and developments but this is the story so far.

New goals

One of the main reasons for updating and upgrading our website was the want for it to look modern, relevant, professional and “joined-up”. We wanted our visitors to know exactly what LWCT was about and what services LWCT could offer. We also wanted to encourage anyone who needs our help, or knows of someone who we could help, to contact us.

Community transport offerings
We wanted visitors to know exactly what we offer now, we achieved this by having a page dedicated to all our community transport services, and we peppered it throughout with a call-to-action to contact us!

Other community initiatives
We then featured the main other services we cover in the main menu options: –

About our organisation
We’re proud of our work in the community, and we’re proud of the way we do it and the feedback we get from service-users. We wanted a new website that could effectively highlight our new management structure and showcase some lovely testimonials we have received regarding the services we now provide. We also wanted an updated news page (blog) and access to our monthly newsletters, and for the blog posts to show who was the author, giving the new site a friendlier personal touch, so we have: –

Service updates
To keep our visitors up-to-date we wanted to provide a single page with the most accurate status updates regarding our services, so it could be seen at a glance. This was particularly needed during the Covid-19 restrictions – which constantly affected our services – although we remained open at all times and continued to offer help with transport throughout the pandemic.

Social sharing
Amongst the new features the site contains is the integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to make it easy for visitors to share information by passing it on to other people who may need to know either via social media, email or a print-out.

After weeks of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to launch this new website as our new public face. The old site now redirects all visitors to this website.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please send us a message.

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