Continuous Bookings for Event Recycling

Continuous Bookings for Event Recycling

Very Busy from August to October:

For our small team of dedicated Event Recycling staff, the Summer and Autumn of 2023 is turning out to be at least as busy as previous years.

Event Recycling Supports Community Transport

Many of the events we provide recycling and waste management for are based on the Royal Welsh show ground at Llanelwedd, but we also provide services at a number of community shows and events. At many of these events, we have also taken the opportunity for our PR team to attend, explaining our services to potential users.

Many weeks of continuous bookings…

Analysis of the booking diary for the August to October period indicates that for many weeks, bookings were almost continuous. Many events are old friends, and we see them every year, but this year the team have covered some inaugural events, and we hope that these have been successful enough to see them return next year.

New regulations on waste are coming

As well as offering a range of waste management services, our recycling staff actively engage with event organisers, explaining the new Wales Waste Regulations, which sees the total ban of single use plastics, at outdoor events which include catering activities; and the potential introduction of regulations requiring cutlery and utensils to be made only from compostable materials, Birchwood, cornstarch, etc.

Could you use us for an event?

We are extremely grateful to everyone who continues to support us with the event recycling, as it brings in much-needed revenue to support the community car journeys.

It isn’t always pleasant work, and this year in particular the staff have been out in all weathers. Behind the scenes, they are a great team, and we are very thankful for the support and dedication they put in at every event. If you see any of the staff at an event you attend, look out for the bright orange vests, feel free to say hello!

Our website has full details of our recycling services along with a downloadable event recycling leaflet.

If you would like to use any service, or you’re interested in volunteering with us, please contact us or call on 01982 552727.

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