Recycling Service for Events

Do you want to recycle waste at your event in the right way?
Are you running an event and need help with your waste?
Do you want to recycle but don’t know where to start?
Do you want to do the right thing, but need help to get it right?
Do you feel social responsibility to minimise landfill?


We offer several levels of service including: –

  • Bin Rental, Recycling Bags and Collection Only
  • Bin Rental, Recycling Bags, Recycling Skip, Collection, and Recycling Waste Management
  • All Inclusive – all the above plus Recycling Wardens and ongoing litter control and picking

Tel: 01982 552727

Tel: 01982 552727

Enquire Now! - Tel: 01982 552727

For information or to book, please call or complete our contact form

Our Services

Events Recycling @ Llanwrtyd Wells Community Transport offers services to help event organisers meet the demands of effective waste recycling: –

  • Management of waste recycling at events, including provison of: –
    • Recycling Bins
    • Signage
    • Recycling Wardens to manage recycling stations
    • Removal of waste and recyclate
    • General site maintenance in relation to waste generated at the event
  • Waste audits that allow organisers to quantify the waste and recycling generated at their event
  • Preparation of event environmental policies
  • Advice on food/drink disposables and food waste to allow for composting
  • Collection and disposal of recyclate including bottles and cans

‘Turning local waste into a local resource’

In order to support and sustain our community transport services, and demonstrate our commitment to the environment, LWCT diversified to provide these event recycling services. We’re a Social Enterprise Company, and profits generated from the Events Recycling goes to support our Community Transport operation to benefit the social and economic wellbeing of residents in Llanwrtyd Wells and surrounding areas.

We can provide help with pre-event planning, environmental policies, waste audits, advice on waste minimisation, event resource management, recycling bins for hire and we can supply volunteers. Please call us to discuss your next event.

Why Recycle?

Public events often create a huge amount of waste. Country shows, street carnivals, music festivals, in fact any event when people come together produces a significant amount of waste in a variety of materials; these materials can be a valuable resource when recycled.

Encouraging recycling activity at events not only preserves natural resources and saves on landfill charges, but can also improve the public’s opinion of the event organiser. It will promote a positive environmental image and present organisers as responsible and respectful event managers.

We currently use the five bin recycling system which has helped us to achieve excellent recycling results over the past years. In spring 2012 we managed a recycling rate of 73.9% at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Spring Festival. That equates to only 27% of waste ending up in landfill. In 2015, over 100,000 people received the recycling message at the events we serviced. We covered some very high profile events including the Spring Festival and Winter Fair at the Royal Welsh Showground. These two events attracted over 55,000 people, which produces a lot of waste! We were able to capture over 70% of waste for recycling.

If you would like us to help you achieve such a high recycling figure at your event, please contact us now to discuss the possibilities.

Whatever your needs we can create a package exclusively for you, so why not give us a call.

Help for Event Organisers

Why worry about your waste? We can manage it for you!

Enquire Now! - Tel: 01982 552727

For information or to book, please call or complete our contact form

The organisation recognises with appreciation the work of their volunteers who contribute to both the community transport and recycling services.

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