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David Harrison
Co-Director & Webmaster
  • Website Development
  • Welsh-language Action Plan

I first volunteered at LWCT in December 2019 to do some admin work. And then I went holidaying abroad for 3 months, so I didn’t properly begin my volunteering until March 2020. I put my information technology skills to good use in ‘improving’ the organisation’s website. In November 2020 I totally redesigned the website on the new domain which is much shorter and easier than as it was before. In October 2020, I was asked to become a Company Director, a position I was pleased to accept. I believe the services provided by LWCT are so essential in this area and the organisation does its job well. I am currently helping to develop a Welsh-language Action Plan.

I have moved around the UK, being born in Yorkshire, lived in Buckinghamshire, Kent, Leicestershire, and finally moving to Llanwrtyd Wells for the peace and the beauty. Fortunately, I was able to retire early, although I still run my own business partnership part-time. In my career I have worked for two very large, multi-national companies, starting out as a “Data Scientist”, in 1985, before many people were familiar with that job title. My career was in managing data, supporting complex mission-critical IT systems, and managing teams. Something that you may not expect: I have two pilots licences (fixed-wing and helicopter) – I don’t think LWCT will be establishing an air-transport offering, just yet, it would be great though?!

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